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[Nami went home. It's another tally on her list of people she dearly misses now—she marks them down and can count them off on her fingers. Mom... dad... Mr. Luffy... Nami left... Archie... J-Jilly.... Pao-Lin and Miss Lightning... Noel and Mr. Ling... Ace.... Lots of people are gone. She's been so afraid of being left alone, but she never considered maybe it wouldn't just stop at her mama and papa. She never considered that she herself were capable of leaving, either.

Maybe—someday... she'll be all alone.

And every time it hurts. It hurts! She counts off the names and it still makes her want to hide in her covers and cry. She's too young to appreciate that they're in their own worlds, where they belong. Lucky for her, not to know some were going to their deaths. Did she even have any pictures of some of them? She's got a few, but—they're not enough. Some people don't have any at all to hang up. It's awful, to sit there and see blank places on your wall where you could have so easily had more images... of loved ones you might not see again.

She spends the next few days collecting up as much as she can from the item shop, whenever Winry or Ed is willing to take her (well, one more willing than the other, all things considered). She has her pink camera, and if she can just get even more film for photos, she can get lots and lots of pictures. This is what her father did, right? He's the reason she has a picture of her and Nami together.

Thank you, papa. Thank you for giving her pictures to remember.

While she's at school, she'll call out to familiar faces, surprisingly eager.]

Let's take a picture together!!

[Out in her front yard, she excuses herself from her play time with her action figures and dolls to usher her friends over, if they visit, if they happen by. There are some she knows who take the trail often; she may or may not be betting on that.]

Can you take a picture with me??

[She's out of breath, just having caught someone she knows in the corner of her eye; what if they vanish in the next few moments, and she never catches them, and she grows up and forgets their faces? She calls out down the road, close to the smithy where Winry works (she likes to visit, sometimes; it's nice to stay there):]

Wait! Can we have a picture? Just one!

[Sometimes she just calls out to two people out on a stroll, friends, clearly friends or relatives or lovers, people who probably love each other like she loved her friends. She smiles and looks hopeful, and holds up her camera that hangs off her neck.]

Do you want a picture of you two??

[Eventually, a click. No flash. No film. She's all out.]


Picture and text underneath! )

[The feed is just of her laying on her bed sideways, holding her camera close to her. With all her thoughts circling her head, she's been trading out the camera for her stuffed plushies when bed time comes around. She turns on video, because it's also a good way to see people sometimes. Even if it gets harder and harder to find their... pages... She can't find some of her papa's old pages. She was sure she could remember where they were.

Her lips are pursed, and her camera is held against her heart.]

People go away... How do you make it stop hurting? ... I wish my memories were so good, I could remember like a movie. I wanna remember every little thing, but it's hard to remember so many little things... [Her eyes well up with tears. They drip into the small crease between her eye and nose, pools there as her voice goes low.] I don't wanna grow up and forget.

I don't wanna forget. What should I do?


.... I need more film... for pictures.
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Hello, hello! I'm Elicia, and I'm seven. If you just got here, you're in Luceti! Welcome!

There's lots of really nice people who like to help, so it's okay if you ask for help. When I got here, I didn't ask for help but everyone helped me anyways... You guys missed Christmas here, but it's okay, because I'll get you a present if you really want one; it'll be like a special package in the mail! It's the least I can do, being a cerdurfied superhero.

[She adds quickly, as an afterthought:]

A-also, if you wake up in the snow, be really careful, too. Snow's cold! It'll make you sick if you're in it for a long time.

[Now... Where was she...


Hmmm. Maybe it'd be a good time to test out her lie-proof magic stone...? She's admittedly... been afraid to touch it. Partially because of how her friends feel about Mr. Loki and what had happened, but also because... is it bad, to see if people are lying? Does it make her a bad girl? It's things to really think about.

So she blurts out something in the middle of her thoughts, clutching the magical stone in her hand, out of sight of the little screen.]

Truth or Dare!

[... Good enough.

From this point on, she'll keep the stone in her pocket.

... just in case. After all, a little girl has some doubts. She just wants to make sure of some things every once and a while sometimes, right? That's why when she's done on the journal, she'll look for Winry for a one-on-one talk, if she's available for it. Maybe looking a little nervous before she calls to her, anyway. Stuff has been kinda... difficult recently...

Maybe now wouldn't be a good time to ask about things. 

She'll also spend a lot of the day out in the front since it's kinda... hotter today than it usually is. What's up with this weird Luceti weather, guys? All the snowy stuff is melting... 
Man, even her little snowmen. And her cool igloo. :C

She'll go ahead and pout on the steps, holding one of the snowman's twiggy arms in one hand.

Cruel World.]

((OOC: Elicia'll be using a magic stone given to her by Loki, so if your character tells a lie while she holds it, they'll have a red halo around their head in their journal image. If they're telling the truth, it'll be green. Note that it's based on what your character thinks, so even if they're wrong, if they believe their own words it'll be truth!))

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Stop following me!!

[The audio picks up a huffy Elicia at the school, and she clicks on the video to reveal she's donning a mobster suit of some kind—against her own will, of course. Behind her are four men, all rough looking with their own suits. But they hardly seem a threat to her, and moreso the people walking by. They throw surly glances at them, hollering for them to move along. If you're unfortunate enough, you're one of the people walking by. Observe, a kid standing in the center of a line-up.

'Don't bother our boss—can't y'see she's busy?!'

'Boss, there anything we can get for ya'?'

'Y'got someone you need knocked off, Elicia, ma'am??'

'Knock it off, ya lug, she'll tell you if she needs something. Apologies for my, eeeeh. Associate.'

Elicia furrows her brow at the camera, not paying them a lot of heed at the moment.]

Winryyy, Edddd, they keep calling me boss and they won't stop following me!

['Hey! I think that guy looked at us funny. Don't look at us, just keep walkin' pal.'

'D'you know who we are??']

Things are really weird around here... This suit is itchy...

[Maybe you missed her school day mobster jambooree. No worries—she's back home in an ice age, building herself a snow forte. Or at least trying to. Of course, she looks more like a penguin when she moves thanks to an overabundance of jackets, scarfs, gloves, and beenies. WHAT IF SHE FROZE, OKAY? SAFETY FIRST.

At any rate, this forte sucks. She's really defeated by the way it just... caves in pathetically.

Sheesh. Maybe she should get forte building lessons.

... Also, her four mobsters are sitting at the porch with their arms crossed, looking determined. None of youse better do anyting fishy. Jus' sayin'. Heck, she's kinda' starting to like their company. MAYBE I CAN MAKE THEM BUILD STUFF FOR ME...

Welp, we know who'll be following Elicia for the entirety of the event. (Ed, don't do anything to them, they're my minions now).]
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[Over a month ago, Elicia lost her mother. Months before that, she'd lost her father. It was a difficult step-by-step process, adjusting to the new life in her home. It was Edward and Winry, and a room that felt like blasphemy to touch. She'd go in there sometimes to sit on the bed and read or nap, as if compelled by some force she didn't quite understand. But things were getting easier, and smiles weren't so hard to muster; in fact, they came naturally again. With the help of some good friends—'family', by all means—she's been keeping up with her gardening, writing letters to a family who doesn't live here anymore, drawing for a gallery...

To be honest, she's overly excited about the idea of a gallery.

Let's see what's going on, today:





Aaaand in reality? A child is leaping around at imaginary things in front of her house to protect her gardening equipment. And yeah, all that dialogue is being spoken by her, working her pitch to match the person talking.]

I'll save you!! Don't worry, Iron Lion'll never give up!

[How she really looks isn't as cool as that image in her head... but hey, she's more back to normal instead of moping, at least. So much so that she runs around wearing a familiar looking red and gold helmet she'd gotten for her birthday, making woosh noises and putting her hands out like she's shooting things. And then every so often she jumps and there's a little gust of wind all around her feet when she lands, filial magic at its most handy for playing imaginary. This robot? He's going down. In her head. Whatever. It's intense, okay!!

Then a little later, Elicia—still in costume—can also be seen pushing the side of her head against the ground, as if listening for something.]


Hello, everyone! My name is Elicia! If you just got here, don't worry; I'm a superhero and I can help as much as I can. There's lots of good heroes here that will answer you if you need—um, um... if you need aid! Aid and rescue. I can heal you if you have scrapes and bruises, too!

[Hey, she's not wearing the toy helmet now, but she is wearing her cape.]

Are there other superheroes here? We should be friends! My world didn't have cool superheroes like here, but we did have some heroes! They didn't wear cool costumes or have neat powers, though. Just alchemy... It's kinda like heroes, I think.

... If you were a superhero, what would your super hero name be?? What kindsa' powers would you have??
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[Elicia had been sleeping next to Gracia off and on now, after papa had left. She thinks maybe it makes her mama better, that she's close and there. And like so many other days, Elicia gets up and rubs her face, bleary-eyed and ready to start the day. Only, what greeted her was the silence of a empty, blue room; the essence of it—everything that made it her mother's—was sucked out. All she had was a pillow behind her and a blanket clutched in her hands, and for a moment, she doesn't understand.

It takes some time before she finally does.

The house is really quiet. Winry and Ed must be doing the things they do every day. She numbly leaves the bed and goes into the bathroom, stripping down like always, turning on the water and being careful that she doesn't make it hot. She gets soap in her eyes, but it's okay, because it washes out. When that's over with, the clothes come next—it's a dress, and she puts her ties in her hair, trying to make them match evenly on each side; it sort of looks right, she thinks, so she goes to the kitchen and uses a chair to get to the cabinet so that she could get the cereal box. And then the milk. Spoon and bowl. She doesn't make orange slices because the knives are bad and off limits. And then she sets the table and eats fast.

It's all wrong. But she's had nightmares about a day like this, only soothed when she woke up and looked at her mother, or wandered into her room in the dead of night, just for a look. But now nothing's left in her mama's room, and the fog of loneliness pushes on her from all sides as she sits on the couch and waits for something to change.

Over time, she lets herself cry. It builds up like a wave traveling toward sand, gradually peaking as the force carries it. It's okay, she thinks. She'll come back, or papa. They wouldn't just leave her behind for long. Not even the malnosso could change that about them. Right? They'd come back and there wouldn't be any reason to cry.]



[She breathes in, voice watery and unsure. Everyone had to do things like this. This was the right thing to do. This is what people here had to do sometimes, for the ones they loved. She inhales a shaky sob.]

Gracia... Hughes... Went home.

[It's weird to say her full name like that. She doesn't like it. But she has to be grown up right now.

Later in the day, she'll be out working on the garden Raine had helped her replant, and has no intention of going inside until the sun starts dipping low. She doesn't really feel like playing today. A lot of her presents from the birthday are left scattered in her room, where she's left them from the night before Gracia had left.]

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 [This is Elicia, looking ashamed, puffing out her cheeks; whelp, she dun did it. She stole. She committed a crime and would surely be locked up in the tunnels for life, grow a beard, make friends with the rats there. Yes. Especially with the discovery of the bag of goods in her closet. For a week she ate nervously at dinner, stopped her mom from putting clothes away before hiding the bag further back, under some blankets. She paced by the door, hand on chin, brow furrowed. She tossed and turned, dreaming of the stolen things hopping out to confront her. Awake in a cold sweat, pleading with the stars to unburden her from this paaaaaain. 


So here she is.]

Um... A while ago, I... took some people's things. I-I didn't mean to! I don't know why I did it--I thought I was a really cool thief who stole for good reasons! But I guess I wasn't really and it was all in my head... I have all the stuff still, though. Right here!

[She lets the camera pan over all the things she's stolen. Yep, look at all that stuff.]

I snuck out and took these, a-and I feel real bad about it. But if you come over, I can give it back! Mama and papa says that's the right thing to do, always, to give back anything you take...

I'm sorry! Really, really, really, really sorry! I'll make it up to everyone, I promise!

((ooc: stuff stolen is here for reference! thanks for all the volunteers you can still sign up for that if you wanna and then reply to this post, if it interests you and you thought you missed out. |D))
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DAY 1 - 5

[There is a child in your house. She is stuffing something of yours into a bag. What is it? Something that was obviously worth taking. She's wearing a red cape, wearing a black cloth eyemask, and looking extremely brave and noble as she goes. In fact, she's practically sparkling - though she probably got that from her papa.]

I am Elicia Hood, the queen of thieves, giver to the super poorest! I'm here to take your riches!! Hohooo!

[... How was that for an entrance?

Anyway. If you don't catch her in the act but she takes something - don't worry. She'll give it all back. Eventually. Just don't be alarmed at her mad skillz if you are finding something of yours MIA. She's just such a cool Hood.]

DAY 6 - 10

[Elicia Hughes is all growed up again. 20 years old, straight outta' Luceti's future (or at least, the future she was in). She's pretty surprised that she's stopping by yet again - even more weirded out by the fact that she went back into the future and prompty forgot even being here until just now.

Aw well. Luceti's always been weird.

She'll go ahead and visit everyone, see who's where, who's affected by what. Y'know. To laugh at them. Well, maybe a little more than that. :| She may or may not come in through your window, if she knows you well enough, because surprises are fun.

Other than that, she's really interested in what the hell is going on around here.]


Hey everyone, Elicia here. Y'know, the one that's typically short in your timeline. Howdy. It seems like I dropped in at a pretty crazy time—or, uh, dropped in because it's been a pretty crazy time. Let's do a rolecall, huh? Who here has a weird-ass affliction, and name it!

Mine is growing up. Or traveling from the future. Or being an alternate reality. Something like that. It's kinda hard to tell, y'know?
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[Welcome to my entry. Enjoy your stay.

In the meanwhile, Elicia's posing with a cape on and a... construction paper... wand thing? Look, it's a magical thing, whatever. In the other hand is' Law's present from forever ago; it's a wooden sword! Cool.]

I'm a superhero, at your service; my name's Eli—  ...

Sailor Lion, and I'll help out anyone who needs help! If you've got witches or dinosaurs or big animals or anything at all you gotta' get rid of, I can do that! I've got really strong powers and stuff. Mr. Kipinn and Ms. Nala've taught me real good, so I can do things with the wind and heal your cuts or bruises...

Um—and I can also make you a dream-catch-er. I made one once, and I hung it up, and some of my bad dreams started going away. So maybe it'll help you, too! They won't look ugly, I promise; I'll make them so nice, you'll really like them...!

... But if they don't work, then you can tell me and I'll get you something else to help, like... like a teddy bear. Teddies are really good at making you feel better when you're sleeping, like pillows, except they're more huggable!

[what else, what else]

Oh! And Yotsuba, I got a present for you!

A-and Ms. Katniss, I'd love to plant something nice outside, if you still wanna...


[So with that out of the way, the day may continue. Which is basically "hell yes Elicia found a magnifying glass" day. The best obvious thing to do is to keep wearing the cape and go from Sailor to Detective. She's crouched down in the grass with a few dolls around her, looking intensely at a papertowel roll sitting on top of a book.


Hummmmm...! Hmmmm......!! 

There's a hair here! It's gotta belong to the person who did this.... 

[You can run and hide, action figure, but I will find you. To one of the little army guy action figures:] 

Mr. Sergeant Lieutenant, don't let anybody go! Someone in this room is a thief!!
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I've grown six whole inches since I got here!

[Hi there everyone, guess how proud this fabulous little princess is? Really fabuluous, that's what. She's noticed you, New Feathers, and that means between scheming and drawing, she must see what you're all up to.]

I'm Elicia, and I'm six years old.. Welcome to Luceti! I had a cool banner for it, but I'm gonna redraw it 'cause I'm a lot better at my letters now! A-and maybe I'll put some glitter on it, too, so it looks even better... [Because everything looks good with glitter. She's in a 'shiny = beautiful' phase, okay?

Wait. Important stuff.]


And look, look what I'm learning!!

[She smiles at the camera and runs over to the middle of her rather pink room, where a teeny table with a few random toys are sitting--a small teddy, a train, a few bows and the like--and she's quiet for a moment. Pardon her if she's a little dramatic about it. It's just funner that way, okay? Adults do it sometimes too, anyway.]


[Suddenly the toys all fly off the table as she does a silly hand motion toward it, and if the viewer listens well enough they can hear the wind from it whip against the book a bit. Regardless, Elicia is shining with joy at the effort once the items are littering the floor.]

Kipinn showed me!! I heard him at school once, and he promised he'd teach me some! I think if I keep trying, I can make a kite fly! D'you think so?? O-or maybe I'll fly paper planes!


But I promise not to do it in class.


[Speaking of mischief, she's enjoying this newfound power. A few hours later she's practicing her wind abilities out in the front yard; that is, she's hovering pieces of paper and when they're at her level she CHOPS them down dramatically with the little wooden sword Law'd given her.


Of course until the paper suddenly flies and smacks her square in the face, and she has to pry it off.]

Kipiiiin! No fair!!

[Also she might accidentally hit you with paper planes. Sorry 'bout it.]
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[An hour or so after bed, Elicia hears something creak. It's harmless and probably something like a tree scratching something, or a mouse finding its way. But it sparks a barrage of images within this small child's brain that would probably make a therapist shake their heads. Things like floating objects and scary figures and things under her bed oh god. Acute paranoia tonight, this one. So she speaks in a really low whisper as though she's on a secret mission, hidden up to her ears in blanket. Must be a nice windy winter night.]


Are ghosts real? They aren't, right? But—But I guess good ghosts are okay! Do those count? Are they real either?

[Her eyes dart from one side of the room to the other, and she's totally expecting something scary to happen on one side or the other. Any minute now. No, no, be brave, there's nothing going on. Nothing at aaaaall. ;~;


Oh! New Feathers are here, too... huh...

I'm Elicia, and I'm six years o—

[rustle rustle]


[...And back under the sheets. Yup.]

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[The bad news... Elicia's brothers were gone. So while the house waited for them to show back up, Elicia did the same. But she was in high enough spirits, at least, with Christmas just around the corner. And when she was finished with her usual occupational things on weekends she cracked open her journal sleepily, laying cross-legged on her stomach, on her made bed.]


Did lots of you have Christmas at home? Was it nice?

[She beams with her cheek resting on her arm.]

This is gonna be my second one!! I hope Santa thinks I've been a good girl, 'cause I've been trying extra hard not to be bad, so I'd get good presents! Make sure you're all good, okay? So you can get a lotta' presents, too...! What's the best present you got from him before?

[Aah! She perks up, looking at her window, bright-eyed in an instant.]

It's snowing again! I'm gonna make some snow people! You guys should make some, too!


[Elicia'll be outside for the rest of the day, crouched low and rolling snowballs out of the thin veil on the floor. Soon, there are stacked snowballs. And then, eyes on them. And then little stick arms. By the time it's three or four? Behold—dozens and dozens of little snow men surrounding House #23!! They may be the height of a ruler, but their numbers are many! It's like Snow Sparta around here.

Don't be alarmed if some have little weapons fastened to their hands made of sticks. That's just how we roll in Elicialand.]
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[Elicia has had a really great New Feather round. For one thing, dad was back. For another, so was Sanji. These reasons alone made her the happiest person in all of Luceti (save for maybe... I dunno, Grune. She's always pretty happy and stuff. Oh, and that dog Dug she hasn't met yet). But otherwise, happiest! And when she pops in on video to address the populace, she's got a big ol' smile. Even if she sounds a little stuffy.]

Hi, new feathers! My name's Elicia! It's getting real cold, so make sure you all got real warm coats, okay?? 'Cause getting a cold is not a good thing; your nose gets real stuffy and you go through... a lot of tissues...


... She might be coming down with something. It happens to the best of us.]

Ummm, I wanna make really tasty hot chocolate and cookies and give them to you... I think I'm gonna ask mama and papa if we can go to the Welcome place so I can... Or maybe I can give the nice people who work there some, so they can give to people...!


Oh, yeah! My papa and my big bro are here again, so make sure you say hi! My papa's name is Maes, but lots of people call him Hughes, and my big bro is Sanji—he's a cool chef at the restaurant, so you should definitely try his food! And my papa is a military guy! Is there other people who work in the military? You should meet him!

[... one more thing!]

And Mr. Uncle Jack, I gotta see you again so I can give you back your cool compass, so if you want it...!

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[Life goes on.

And for Elicia, losing quite a few loved ones in such a short time-frame hasn't entirely exhausted her youthful determination. She has a super hero to look out for her papa. And she has Jack's special compass. The last few days she's been outside her school with said magical device, pacing back and forth, watching the small needle turn and turn with no set destination. It's what she's doing today, pacing and watching it never stop. They weren't here. The people see was waiting for, that is. It's what she wanted most, and 'cause they're not here the compass says no.

Well, she'd just try again tomorrow!]


[... it's been a long time since she really tried to talk to everyone. She smiles big for the camera.]

Hey! Today I read a really good book; it was called the Swan Princess! I didn't know some of the words, but I knew mooost of them... It must feel really funny to change into animals and stuff. But the worst is getting turned into a frog! 'Cause you'd be all slimy and green and tiny! And you'd have to get a kiss, even though you're a frog...

But I'd kiss a frog! I-if it meant helping someone change back, I'd do it! ... Maybe on the cheek!

Definitely on the cheek!

And if it was a prince maybe he'd give me a cool crown for helping him!

[Siiigh. That sounds so cool.]

I wouldn't kiss a big lion, though, because they like to scratch! Unless they say they're friendly. But I don't know anyone who knows a friendly lion...
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[Action // Thursday, September 22nd]

[It's been eight days since her father left, and despite her searching, she hasn't found him. But this was Luceti. He was here even though he couldn't be back home, so obviously he'd just reappear here again, like mama did! With this knowledge firmly in place, and when school would begin--after a few days of staying home, courtesy of a worried mother--she would carefully sneak around after class was over to survey the forest nearby the building. Not enter it. But listen and squint into the dimness of it.

He might be there. They don't know. Just because all of his stuff went away... maybe the robots took it all, too!

Sleeping in mother's room is a must, for now. For both of them. It makes it a little easier, having someone to hug in the mornings or bitter earlier hours.

She answers the door with a determined sort of look on her face, but it falls instantly when she sees who it is. It's not your faults, really. She's still happy to see you, and the small, shy smile a few moments later says as much. It's just... not what she was hoping for. And then, sitting outside became a habit. Well, it was always important on her list of things to do—to sit on the porch and draw or play. Playing can wait. Just for a few more days. Papa might show up. Gotta stay vigilant. No time for journals, or anything like that, right?

... M-maybe just a little journaling. But nothing new. No... she can go back to old entries and look at them again. Any tears? Well... She cried a little, when it first happened. But crying now would be bad. Shikamaru said it, he told her before when she ripped her doll:

Crying didn't fix anything.

So. She would try not to cry. Even if it was... growing harder not to.]



wen you com back

plees com home.

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[When the video starts up, Elicia seems unfathomably happy. Unfathomably!! Under one protective forearm she has an eerily familiar doll in hand. What, you don't own a Chopper doll? But anyway!! Important things are afoot!]

Guess what, guess what! I had a cool dream! It was the coolest! [in case the first cool didn't sink in] I was jumping all through the sky, and I was jumping through all the trees and I had a really cool sword! But there was this mean kid and he was like 'humans are mean! I don't like you!!'


But then all of a sudden a cool superhero in armor flew in and kicked him in the butt! Pow!

[she runs in a circle before ending with a bad-ass little girl kick to the air. HIYAH!!]

And big sis Nami was there, and she was asking where she put her clothes 'cause she lost them, and uncle Law was there! He told me not to spin my cool sword in circles 'cause that's dangerous, and I didn't wanna get in trouble by papa anyway, and then I was on a boat with Uncle Jack and Mr. Archie, and we were looking for gold! We found a box of treasure so big, it didn't even fit on the boat, so Uncle Jack was pretty grumpy the whole way back.

It was a lot of fun, 'specially when I got to go swimming with the mermaids! They had really long, pretty hair.


Right. :|a

Oh! So anyway. On to other exciting matters!]

Umm, there's new people again, huh? Hi, New Feather people! I'm Elicia, and I've been here for one whole year! Big sis says that's really true! I'm sorry I didn't have any cookies on my stand, but we ran out of eggs and we gotta go to the store. But you're all invited to my nextest birthday, so you can definitely have some cookies there.

[So just wait a whole year. Seems legit.]

Um...! That's all, I think! Maybe I should ask a neat question... [Lots of people seem to do that. It's clearly in-fashion.]

What's your favorite animal?

((ooc: time, where did you go ;;. Replies in the morn! Sorry about that!))
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[The draft took a lot out of her. When she returned to Luceti, she walked soundlessly back toward home, as quiet as a mouse when entering; she didn't want to wake them. Not right now. But if anyone wants to run into her during her walk back, they'll find a girl with bruises and scrapes walking along the path back home.

... It'll be the last time to speak with her, anyway.

And so it goes... )

[She begins to write notes. They're small and will never cover all she would want to cover, but they're still important nonetheless; anyone on the list who gets one can try to reply if they'd like, but it'll be met with silence. Silence, because as her head lulls and the pen drops from her hand, the faint noise of droids beyond her window carry on to the house. Time to go.

Time to leave.

As her vision fades to black, she drops her sword, but it's gone not much later, without her or her journal there as well.]

Horsies!! And all sorts of different animals!

[Luceti Land has a small, overly excitable voice making a ruckus in both the journals and across the amusement park grounds, as she runs to inspect the tall, impressive carousel with her journal in hand. She rushes to the snack stands, to the game stands, to stare in awe at the bright, colorful lights. It's still nighttime--in fact, it hasn't been but an hour since she returned as a six-year-old--but she doesn't seem fazed by the fact that it was technically going into the morning now.

No, instead, she's looking excitedly through the journal as a tall roller9coaster ride zig-zags around the track, in the distance; there is a clear sign of cotton candy edging her mouth and hand, but she doesn't seem to mind this.]

Papa, mama! Did you see what they did? There's rides everywhere! And they have lots of candy! Lots! Did Mr. Bil make this one, too? It's even bigger than the castle!

[What is that—could it be...?]

Whooooa, Can I go on the big tea cups? They're so cool! Can I?

[She's... seemingly unaware that she was away from the village, or had ever been mallynapped, and hanging around away on an island for Luceti Land. It had to just be like her birthday, when the things appeared for no reason...! There's just no other reasoning to follow, right? This calls for big licorice sticks and dolls.]

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[Elicia was expecting to be in the middle of a scuffle between enemy winged soldiers. Not to be waking up half-drugged and in an old-fashion malnosso dress. She hadn't done this little dance in a few years now... What did that mean? Did they come back? Impossible, they were... Well, we'll figure this out as we go, Elicia. When she gets up, she nearly falls over, and finds with frustration that her automail leg wasn't working properly. Something was wrong with the knee—aaah, Winry would be pretty grumpy about that.

'This would be the second time this week.'

But it's around the time she cracks open her journal that she realizes something's not right. These entries, they're only up to her sixth birthday? No, that can't be right. Where did all her other.... Oh. Oh wow.

She was fourteen years in the past.

She limps out of the forest, dazed but not confused enough to ruin her train of thought: go to the item shop, find her clothes. The Malnosso always left clothes. And then she'll head to the smithy, to find her sword and... and then she'll need to find Winry in the smithy. Now dressed up, she's found herself a good pair of glasses; if she can... if she can, she'd rather not tell them who she is. Would that change things?

Would that be so bad, though? She's not entirely sure. She's nervous and worried and—and—

... nostalgic. Much much later, after everything, she'll head to the houses of people she's most familiar with. A lot of people aren't where she remembers, but she'll try to find them none-the-less. Probably after heading to where her mom and dad are. She'll also be wondering around in awe at the place. So much different and yet so much changed.... Don't mind her if she looks dumbfounded at something, or surprised at another. If you're expecting a shorty, you'll be surprised—she's 5'9". Her father has great genes, like that.]

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[What a pleasant day... The birds are chirping, the breeze is gentle, the sun is sunny—



[What, that isn't a normal Elicia post? The journal is practically flung across the kid's room as the sound of panicked footfalls rush around the general vicinity. There's the thud of an apple, as it rolls into view in the screen, and then a teary cry of disbelief soon after. PANIC PANIIIIC!!]

Was it s'pposed to fall out?! It's gone! The apple took my tooth! My whole tooth!

[It's really gone! One of her bottom incisors is gone! Now her smile isn't as toothy! What should she do?!]

I-I'll ask the tooth fairy to put it back! She'll put it back!

[The camera is angled, but it at least picks up a pigtailed little girl rushing to her bed and stuffing the little white tooth hastily under her pillow. And then she sits anxiously at her bedside, watching and waiting, waiting...! She checks it, only to find it's still there! Okay, maybe she just needs to wait a little more! ... IT'S STILL THERE. D':


She finally addresses the journal itself, cheeks red.]

How do I put back a tooth?!

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[[Nighttime; June 23rd]]

[Elicia had had a tough week.

Shuffle, shuffle—the sound of turning blankets and small feet moving back and forth through them. She's been rolling in her sleep for a few minutes now, flipping her hidden journal into a little book tepee, while it records the buzzing air and soft incoherent murmurings of a child dreaming. They're not happy dreams, after a while, and it takes but a moment before she's wide awake and horrified and crawling under her blankets with her mouth in a shaky near-crying line. The journal. That's right.

She reaches over and opens it up all the way, unable to see anything in the dark. Her voice is watery and lined with a sort of innocent, hurt desperation when she speaks.]


Please tell me a story. I wanna hear stories, if anyone... wants to talk... I like them a lot. I—I promise I'll go back to sleep, but I just wanna hear one...

[Pretty, pretty please...

But despite stories, sometime in the night, she rises up from her bed and patter-pitters quickly into her parents' room. Scary, they're too scary—and they could be real. Because she's seen scary real things like it before. And the last thing she wanted was a blue-eyed woman slowly creaking out of her closet, like she kept imagining, over and over and over again...]

[[Daytime; June 24th]]

[It was a cold snap, today. Elicia wore her poofy pink jacket for the occasion. Truth be told, she's had a very tiring night of trying to sleep, and she'd failed at it fairly well. There were a mesh-up of things. Scary things. She didn't want to draw any of them, so she decided on focusing her attention to playing. By the end of her short-lived playtime outside, she's laying on her arm on the front steps of her house, the fake pink sword Law gave her still clamped in her hand.

A good nap. There was nothing scary... Just good. That was important. It's a good thing children bounce back well enough, even if only for a while, because she's got a content air about her later on in the day. Anyone who wants to visit, now's a great time to; she'll be drawing funny circles all over the ground outside with a stick. Clapping her hands and smacking them. And nothing happens. :|

But she sure as hell is pretending something's happening.]


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